Saturday, July 4, 2015

Donating cars and buying a reloading press

I don't think I've written about donating cars for charity, but I have done that in the past when I had an older vehicle that a family could use.

Mostly nowadays I give money. I like to give back -- not just around the holidays either -- because it provides a rewarding feeling. (I also like it because of the tax break.) The tax break helps me afford stuff I normally would not spend money on -- one such instance is gun-related stuff.

I don't want to write a lot about gun stuff on this blog but I do want to mention that I just bought a reloading press, which is a way to load ammunition, a few days ago. I read a lot of reviews about buying the best reloading press for the money and settled on a progressive one.

I realize that most people have no idea what one of these thing do, which is why I'll post a video below explaining it.

Be careful

I know these presses can be dangerous, which is why I have appropriate safety gear and ear plugs, but I'm hoping it will be cost effective, too.

I don't go through tons and tons of ammunition and prefer quality rounds over quantity for competition shooting so I hope this was a good investment. Time will tell, though.

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